Our story and mission

What we would appreciate knowing if we were travelers, traveling around Slovenia and a wider area? To answer this question we started with our projects and insider tips/blogs which are presented on the web page Vandrovc-Globetrotter. Because of the page, You could get information’s from locals, from those who are organizing, guiding projects and activities - no middle man. Projects and activities where fair trade, cooperative and nature-friendly principles are important or we could say in general - responsible and sustainable traveling. 

We organize and guide as professionals projects and activities which we are using, doing also on our own when we are traveling around the world as Vandrovc-Globetrotters. If you prefer to use our best service You could tell us Your interests/wishes via a fulfilled wish list. In this way, we will be able to organize and guide Your private tour or You could join scheduled tours for small groups where you could meet other travelers with similar interests and enthusiasm.

Our mission is to be Your Alps-Adriatic-Pannonian Basin-Balkan peninsula HOST-AMBASADORS.