Explore Ljubljana through local artist’s eyes! Take home unique souvenir.


Up to 4 h
1. June 2021-30. September 2021

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Can you imagine a better way to discover Ljubljana than with a local artist stories and an artist’s sketch pad and pen?
Explore the gems of the charming city together with local artist who is also a master of painting of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, a founder of Abandoned Plants Sanctuary, first refuge space for plants in Europe and an upcycled jewelry designer.
You will have chance to learn about the culture and rich contemporary art scene and sustainability alternative projects in the city. Besides that, one of the most important detail is that you will be able to try your hand at sketching on your own during the walk-through Ljubljana on many unforgettable spots. For example, the charming old town below the castle hill or while exploring best hidden places to capture vivid and unconventional sights on the city from the top of the castle hill. Maybe inspiration will show up during the relaxation in Tivoli park or under the willow trees along the ‘Ljubljana coastline’ by the river Ljubljanica.
We guarantee to You the opportunity to take home unique souvenir - your own unique sketch of Ljubljana. 

Note from local artist: I often take sketchbook, ink pen and watercolors myself and roam through the streets of the city center, by the river or on top of the castle hill and draw and paint my illustrations, trying to find unconventional sights of the charming city of Ljubljana.


Basic master plan is to follow inspiration in and around itinerary frame:

Take out your sketchbook, ink pen and perhaps even watercolors and try it out in front of the City Hall, by quick sketch of the famous fountain of three rivers by Francesco Robba. After short warming up with sketching walk with us through charming old part of the city up to the castle hill where we are going to find perfect spots to draw the panorama sight of the city below and have a coffee and a cake at the castle’s sweet shop. After discovering perfect drawing and painting spots at the castle for you to maybe later come back and draw and paint alone at the castle we are going to walk down the castle hill to the river bank.
There we will take a walk beside the river with the view on the old town cityscape surrouned by historical buildings, bridges and greenery with charming castle hill in the background. What a beautiful scenery to depict it in your sketchbook and take this unique souvenir home with you!
When we will finish with a sketching session by the river we are going to relax in Tivoli park in the part of the city where there are Museum of Modern Art, National Gallery and International Centre of Graphic Arts. You might want to draw and sketch a little more, or maybe just relax and plan the visit of at least one of the art venues close to the park.

Tour details

All described spots are within walking distance. To cover them all You would need around 1h 30 min of easy walk. For a walking, sketching and drawing and a short break we will need up to 4 h.

Price and payment

250 € for private tour (Maximum 4 participants) 

What is included in Artist tour through Ljubljana

  • Up to 4 h walk through Ljubljana:  Old Ljubljana/Historic center, Castle Hill, along Ljubljanica River and Tivoli Park
  • Information´s about ongoing art exhibitions in the galleries and alternative project spaces in the city.
  • Insight into the background of rich art scene in the city. 
  • Live sketching and drawing under the supervision of experienced academic artist.
  • Materials for sketching and painting: paper, charcoal, pencil, ink pen, water colors if you do not bring your own. (please let us know if you need them)  

Potential Coffee and a cake are not included in the price.

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Payment options?

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  • After Your tour with bank card, phone or in cash (€).