Anamari Hrup, painter, florist and jewelry designer

Local artist Ljubljana, Slovenia


If I would have to describe myself in one sentence I would say I am a painter, a florist and a jewelry designer. At the end of my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana I reflected on my contribution to the better world. I care a lot about the relationship towards our environment, sustainable living and connecting community, that's why I follow the values of art, ecology and sustainable economy. From these values two projects were born in 2015. The first one is Abandoned Plants Sanctuary, socio-ecological-art project, which I run together with coleague Eva Jera Hanžek, and  the second one is my brand Fabrica Jewelry, under which I design unique jewelry by recycling vintage textiles and traditional embroidered fabrics which originate from the whole Balkan region. In Slovenian art field I participate also as a painter where I merge ecological themes which are present also in Abandoned Plants project and develop them into a body of work in the mediums of painting, drawing and illustration. From 2011 on I create and lead a range of different workshops and art classes for participants of all ages.

Anamari Hrup, Local artist Ljubljana, Slovenia
Anamari Hrup, Izola / Izola Coastal Town


  • Striving for sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living in my life, because I believe, that we are a part of environment and that we are inseparably connected to nature.
  • Acting and presenting an example of my belief that the responsibility about our attitude towards the planet lies in our hands
    • Projects where my mission is becoming reality: 
      • As a leader of Abandoned Plants Sanctuary I am striving for plants as living beings. Namely, I am convinced that plants are one of equal co-species with whom we share the planet.
      • As a recycled textile jewelry designer I believe, that we are able to enrich by using and repurposing things which already exist.
      • As a painter I believe, that the power of imagination shifts actual limitations and broaden horizons and that culture is irreplaceable part of healthy society.
Anamari Hrup, Local artist Ljubljana, Slovenia
Anamari Hrup, Cvetlični srnjak / Floral Deer

Experiences & Prizes:

  • International Painting Ex Tempore Piran - Best Young Author Prize, first solo exhibition in 2013 at Herman Pecaric gallery.
  • Regularly exhibiting in Slovenia and abroad. 
  • Self Employed Artist at the Ministry of Culture in Slovenia since 2017.
  • International prize 'Most Original Kurent' 2019.
  • Developing and organizing art workshops and drawing and painting courses since 2011. For example: 
    • Art class at Youth Informational Centre in Ljubljana,
    • Library of things (yes, Ljubljana has the library where you can borrow different useful things ?),
    • Green Hours in the Abandoned Plants Sanctuary's organization, where I teach basics of drawing and painting with a help of plants as models.
  • I often take sketchbook, ink pen and watercolors myself and roam through the streets of the city center, by the river or on top of the castle hill and draw and paint my illustrations, trying to find unconventional sights of the charming city of Ljubljana.

Tours/activities where Vandrovc-Globetrotter cooperates with Anamari: 

Explore Ljubljana through local artist’s eyes! Take home unique souvenir.

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Anamari Hrup, Local artist Ljubljana, Slovenia
Anamari Hrup, Na sprehodu / On The Walk


Anamari Hrup, Local artist Ljubljana, Slovenia
FabricaJewelry, unique jewelry by recycling vintage textiles and traditional embroidered fabrics


Anamari Hrup, Local artist Ljubljana, Slovenia
Abandoned Plants Sanctuary